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Developing your own brand or product line can be overwhelming, especially in the early stages.

There are often many steps that overlooked or simply ignored because it's not "required", but when missed can lead to future delays and bigger issues that could stop your project from ever launching.

We can provide guidance as we execute on your product development project, and coach you through each step of the process so you know what to expect for your next launch.

Let us obsess over the details for you, so you don't have to stress.

the product development journey *

1. Product Ideation

New product ideas can come from many places:

  • brainstorming sessions

  • market trend research

  • brand analysis + white space opportunities

  • raw ingredient or packaging innovations

2. Market Research + Analysis

Do your homework before jumping in to development:

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Pricing & Cost Analysis

  • Minimum Order Quantity

  • Forecasting

3. Formula Development

Start by creating a blue sky concept or identifying a competitive benchmark.

  • Identify chemists/labs to work with

  • New Product Brief w/ COGs target

  • Formula submissions & redirects

  • Preliminary Formula approval

4. Product Testing

Not the most exciting part of development,

but it's required!

  • Internal/External Consumer Testing

  • Formula Stability Testing

  • Claims Validation Testing

  • Safety Testing

5. Packaging Development

Time to get creative with packaging + artwork design:

  • Identify ideal package

  • Package compatibility testing

  • Artwork design

  • Marketing copy - claims validation

6. Production + Manufacturing

The production line = filling + assembly

  • Purchase Orders have been issued

  • Pilot batch + line trial

  • Filling 

  • Assembly of primary + secondary packs

7. Finished goods are shipped to warehouse

You're so close to launching you can taste it!

  • Ship via boat, air or truck 

  • Warehouse receives goods

  • Final quality control check

  • Inventory is accounted for



Your finished products arrived in your warehouse

and you are


* The steps listed above are a basic outline of the PD life cycle, but every product and every company is unique. Everyone on your team - internally and externally - are involved before, during or post-development to create the most successful product launch!

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